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Technal WindowsTechnal aluminium doors, windows, sliders and curtain wall systems

Casement Windows

Technal offers one of the most comprehensive and flexible commercial aluminium window ranges available today.

Technal Topaze Window

Each system features a variety of safety and security options, achieves outstanding weather resistance and can be supplied with a high performance thermal break.

Its wide choice of applications and technical solutions makes it ideal for all types of residential and non-residential projects.

Technal Casement Window

The Topaze range of windows is available with a variety of options including:

  • Fixed casement
  • Single and double sash
  • Inward-opening sashes (turn/tilt, bottom-hung)
  • Outward-opening sashes (projecting top-hung, top-hung on butt hinges, side-hung outward-opening)
  • Special opening sashes (horizontal and vertical pivot)
  • Composite frames

The Soleal range of windows is available with a variety of options including:

  • 1 and 2 leaf windows
  • Integrated or stacked units
  • Casements on sills
  • With transom or side light
  • Tilting, turning, projecting and top-hung casements

For more product information, visit the Technal website, South Africa.

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