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Trellidor Fixed SecurityTrellidor Fixed Security systems - burglar bars and non-retractable security barriers.

Trellidor Fixed Security barriers is a range of non-retractable galvanised steel security barriers suitable for both home and commercial applications. They can be custom fitted to windows, doors, open balconies, glassed walls and glassed-in stairways.

Trellidor Fixed Security barriers are manufactured to ISO standards and are SABS approved.

There are three products available: Cottage Guard, Fixed Security and Burglar Guard.

Cottage Guard

Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar bars

Premium quality, fully framed, fixed burglar guard that is manufactured to either match existing cottage pane windows or to create a cottage pane effect. They are custom made and may be fitted to any window style. They are manufactured from a combination of aluminium and steel. UV resistant, corrosion resistant. Available in a range of colours.

Trellidor Fixed Security

Trellidor security doors

Trellidor Fixed security barriers are fully framed and available in a range of designs depending on the security application. They are Trellidor Trojan T1000, Plus T900, T800 and T700.

Trellidor Burglar Guard

Trellidor burglar guard

Trellidor burglar guards are economically priced. They are semi-framed, made from electro-galvanised steel and suitable for low to high risk security applications. They are easy to clean and available in various colours. They come in three different and attractive designs, including:

  • uprights with a horizontal strengthening bar
  • uprights with a single trellis pattern
  • uprights with a double trellis pattern.
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