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Trellidor Clear GuardTrellidor Clear Guard security system

For sun and wind and insect protection while allowing a clear view.

Trellidor Clear Guard is a beautifully designed security system for doors, windows, passages and patios in commercial, residential and retail settings. Made from a high tensile stainless steel mesh and fully framed, Clear Guard appears to be invisible, protecting against intruders without detracting from the views or aesthetics of the premises.

Clear Guard further provides protection from insects, snakes and other pests while allowing air to flow freely into the home. The mesh screens out up to 60% of the suns rays, controlling internal temperature, reducing glare and shielding furniture from damage caused by the sun.

Trellidor Clear Guard security system

Clear Guard can be customed designed for doors, windows, patios, passages, hatches and shop fronts.

Trellidor Clear Guard doors and windows have successfully passed a range of standardised strength and attack tests for security screen doors and windows.

Also for commercial applications
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