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Industrial & Roller Shutters

Alutech installs industrial doors manufactured by Coroma who have been in the industry for over 50 years.

Coroma doors offer security and controlled access for any applications from domestic to commercial and industrial.

Coroma Industrial ShuttersCoroma Roller Shutter Doors



Corosteel sectional overhead doors are cost-effective, neat and functional. They are ideal for factories requiring motorised entrance doors, large complexes looking for easy, quick door operation and entrances to parking garages. Made from corrosion resistant 0.8 mm galvanised steel, Corosteel is able to withstand industrial abuse and damaged sections are easily replaced

Corosteel Industrial doors


Manufactured in galvanised steel with optional powder coating. The door slides horizontally to open and close and can be motor or manually operated. Suitable for factories, warehouses and showrooms, amongst other applications.. These cost-effective doors possess exceptional structural strength yet maintain an aesthetically pleasing look. Large vision areas can be fitted, as can pedestrian or wicket doors.

Coroslide horizontal sliding industrial doors

Coroma Vertical Riser Doors

Vertical Riser doors operate vertically to allow maximum headroom. They are suitable for very large openings. Access doors can be incorporated and they are easily motorised. They can be fully weatherproofed or clad in timber for greater aesthetic appeal. These doors possess exceptional structural strength.

Coroma Vertical Riser doors

Coroma Jack Knife Doors

A unique, vertically opening door with minimal moving parts, the Jack Knife Door is capable of specifications up to 7 m wide and 4.5 m high. Manufactured in galvanised steel with optional powder coating finish, they are extremely robust. Jack Knife Doors are non-protruding and can be insulated for wine cellars or cold storage. They are not suitable for motorisation.

Jack knife doors



Perfect for high visibility and full opening applications. Aluminium extrusions and toughened glass panels are ideal for fire stations, fitment centres, motor dealer showrooms and retail stores. The glass may be replaced with infill panels of powder coated aluminium, creating an attractive, ventilated security door for parking garages or any opening requiring durability, security, ventilation and aesthetics.

Coroview doors


Suitable for high volume applications such as parking garages in hotels, beachfront apartments and shops. These top quality maintenance-free and weather-resistant doors are constructed from horizontally fluted extruded aluminium profiles. The panels can be insulated for superior temperature and sound control.

Corolux doors



Comprises of interlocking slats, forming a curtain barrier that is designed to roll-up or down. The product offers total unimpeded opening as well as excellent strength & security. Applications can vary from warehouses and retail stores to specialised airport hangers.

Coroma Roller Shutter Doors

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