Fixed Louvres Aluvent - Louvres, hardware, handles

Fixed Louvres, vents

Fixed Louvres / Vents come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. We supply 3 main types:

Weather Channel Louvres - These are mostly used for outdoor ventilation systems because of their high rate of 'weather-proofing'. Frames are available in equal or unequal profiles and can be square, circular, triangular or any other shape.

Equal Leg Louvres - Door louvres commonly used for interior ventilation. The advantage of this louvre is that you cannot see through it and it offers a degree of sound-proofing. Frames can be square or triangular and are available in equal or unequal profiles

Narrow unequal Leg Louvres - This louvre is highly weather resistant and is commonly used for air-conditioner grill panels. Frames are square and available in equal or unequal profiles.

Louvres Fixed Louvre, Aluvent