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We design and install slider and drawer systems to custom fit your vehicle and meet your needs. Our products are available for LDVs and SUVs.

The advantage of our customised systems is that they can be built to meet your requirements and therefore make use of equipment you already own which saves on costs. Other companies build to specific sizes forcing you to buy new units that fit. We are also able to utilise all available space.

Our products are supplied in black and painted with durable Selemix industrial paint. They are available as a slider and / or drawer system

Technical Specifications

  • Super Heavy Duty ball bearing slide in Zinc Plated with a carrying capacity of up to 360kg per slide
  • Chrome plated paddle, self-latch handle
  • 12mm waterproof plywood top, covered with either carpet or insertion rubber mat
  • Stainless steel bolts and nuts where required

Optional Extras

  • Lockable paddle, self-latch handle
  • 18mm Waterproof plywood for heavy loads
  • Spring loaded fastener for securing loads in the back of your vehicle
  • Plastic pull handle
  • Whatever your requirements!


Slider system fitted with fridge Extended Sliders Fitted storage boxes Removable storage boxes Slider tracks Landcruiser - Sliders and Fridge Drawer system - 180kg tracks Landrover drawers - paddle latch Inside view Slider out Double Slide with paddle latch locks Fridge slider with 180kg tracks Pre-assembled - sprayed with Selemix Hand sketch of a slider

Customised Sliders & Drawers

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