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Vehicle accessories and extras
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Vehicle Add-on Xtras

Alutech can fit a wide range of xtras to your vehicle to make your journey more comfortable.

Vehicle extra add ons


Jerry Can Brackets
Jerry Can Brackets
Table Bracket Camp Table Bracket
Kitchen Storage
Kitchen / Storage Boxes fixed to side doors
Roof rails with deflector
Aluminium Roof Rails with
Wind Deflector
Wheel Bracket Spare Wheel Bracket
Dual Batteries
Dual Battery System
Gas Stove
Gas Stove
Water Tap
Water Tap
Fishing Rod Holders
Fishing Rod Holders
Work Light
Wiring to Rear of Vehicle
LED Lights on
side doors
Sliding Window Infill - sidedoors & cab windows
Gas Bracket
Hi lift Bracket
Spade Bracket
Ammo Cover
Ammo Boxes
Impi Shocks
Stainless Steel Table
Wheel Ladder
Gutter Ladder
Bullbar Ladder
Tent Light
Recovery Kit - kinetic strip, leather gloves, 2 bow shackles, tow strip, 4 ton inc. shackles, recovery bag
And more ..

Vehicle Accessories

Alutech supplies a quality range of vehicle accessories for stylish, organised adventure travel.

Vehicle accessories

Most popular

First Aid Bag
First Aid IFAK Bag - Medium
Tool Pouch Roll Tool Pouch Roll
Molle Seat Back Organiser
Molle Seat Back Panel
Water Bottle Pouch Molle Velcro Water Bottle Pouch
Cooking Kit Bag
Cooking Kit Bag
Molle Fire Extinguiser Pouch
Molle Fire Extinguiser Pouch
Toyota Landcruiser Attic
Toyota Landcruiser Attic
Headrest Storage Bag
Headrest Storage Bag
Utility Pouch XL
Molle Visor Organiser
Velcro Pouch Large
Maxtrax Transport Bag
Roll-up dump Pouch
Overland Oil Bag
Headrest Velcro Panel
Tire Storage Bag
Velcro Flat Pouch
And more ..

& Extras

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